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> The traditional Latin Mass.

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> Resistance to the errors of Vatican II.

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New & Noteworthy (Updated 03/03/2014)

Response to Bp. Williamson on the Vacancy of the Roman See
Most Rev. Donald J. Sanborn

In two Kyrie Eleison blog posts, #343 and #344 (February 8 and 14, 2014), Bp. Richard Williamson proposed a number of arguments against sedevacantism. What occasioned the bishop’s comments was an emerging tendency towards sedevacantism among the priests who left SSPX over the past two years in response to the prospect of an SSPX-Rome deal. Bp. Donald Sanborn analyzes Bp. Williamson’s four main arguments in light of what pre-Vatican II theologians teach about the hierarchy, the indefectibility of the Church, the infallibility of the universal ordinary magisterium, and the sin of heresy. Also: the disturbing parallels between Bp. Williamson’s and Hans Küng’s notions of infallibility.
[28 Feb 2014]

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  Rev. Anthony Cekada

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  Most Rev. Donald J. Sanborn

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  Most Rev. Donald J. Sanborn

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  Rev. Anthony Cekada

- Here Comes the Bride: The Music Starts Again for the SSPX
  Most Rev. Donald J. Sanborn

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